Getting Started
The Checkout Service API provides a series of RESTful programmatic ways to interact with the Pass2U platform in order to check the validity of the pass, cancel the redeemed record of the pass, and more. In order to get started, you’ll need to do the following steps on Pass2U:
  • Register a Pass2U account
  • Design your Pass Model viewing on Pass2U and set up campaigns for multiple checkout scenarios to be redeemed by Pass2U Checkout Service
  • Use auto-pass-creation download link, Email Service, SMS Service or Pass2U Pass API to generate and distribute your passes
API Key Security
Pass2U uses 32-characters length of Base64 encoded string as API Key to authenticate request. The API Key must be included in all API requests to Pass2U server in header ‘x-api-key’ like the following example:

x-api-key: e6a45207817bb8e9b1f3e67bb696067c

Feb 29, 2024