What is Apple Wallet?

Apple Wallet is the pre-installed app in every iPhone and iPod Touch which store credit cards for Apple Pay and other cards and tickets called Apple Wallet passes.

Apple Wallet

Apple Wallet

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Apple Wallet supports different pass styles

5 pass styles defined by Apple Wallet pass to be used in corresponding scenarios

  • Boarding pass

  • Coupon

  • Event Ticket

  • Store Card

  • Generic

Excellent features after you add passes into Apple Wallet

  • Auto updated

    Apple Wallet Pass will be updated to the latest version automatically and the associated notification message will be shown on lock screen.

  • Relevant notification

    If you set date/ location, or iBeacon relevance on the Pass, the notification message will appear on lock screen if they are matched.

  • No Internet required

    The Pass can still be viewed and redeemed without internet connection.

You can distribute passes to Apple Wallet in several ways

  • Put download links in web pages, emails, or messages

  • Scan barcodes which contain download links

  • Apple Wallet enabled apps

Passes are better than apps

  • The average number of downloads for branded apps is only 50,000

  • Only 28% apps are opened more than once

  • 90% of passes remain in mobile devices after 3 months

Consumers now prefer adding passes to Apple Wallet with just one click to get brand information or discounts instead of installing new apps.

Convenient or secure ways to redeem

  • Barcode can be read by existing readers or cameras

  • NFC pass data can not be copied or forged

Apple Wallet is the only app to use NFC passes on iOS. But only Apple certified readers can read the data.

Apple Wallet is widely applied in many fields

Boarding Passes for most airline, railway and bus companies; Store Cards of brands like Starbucks, Dunkin' Donuts; Coupons and Event Tickets are also applied to many marketing campaigns and ticketing systems such as MLB, Fandango, and StubHub...

With Apple Wallet, you can keep your credit, debit, and store cards, boarding passes, movie tickets, coupons, rewards cards, and more in one place.

How about Android users?

While Apple Wallet is pre-installed in every iPhone and iPod Touch, Android actually makes up 80% of the global market share for smart phones. Therefore, we have Pass2U Wallet for Android users to manage their passes with equally smooth experiences.

Apple Wallet

Pass2U Wallet

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More Features

  • Fully compatible with Apple Wallet pass

    Pass2U Wallet provides the same user experience for Android users to install Apple Wallet passes and supports date, location, and iBeacon relevant notification.

  • Manage passes easier

    Android Pass2U Wallet provides additional features like searching, sorting, having customized categories, archiving, and backing up passes in Google Drive.

  • Support auto-update as well

    Update passes with Pass2U update API document:

    What if you do not create passes by Pass2U Cloud Platform? You can still access update function with Pass2U update API key according to developer document:

  • Pass auto-install

    When Android users download Pass2U Wallet for the first time and launch it, Pass2U Wallet will automatically add the passes to Pass2U Wallet if the pass download link is set as follows:

    (yourEncodedPassDownloadUrl is the URL of Apple Wallet pass)